Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fighting Age Discrimination with Linked In

I ran across the following article when I was on Linked In sourcing candidates for a client:
What a great question to address!  Read below for some wise advice.
-Kim Roach, Staffing Consultant

“My questions are should I state my true years of experience, or would that make recruiters shy away because of age?”

By law, there should be no age discrimination, but for realists, we know it exists.  A more seasoned applicant should enter the job search with confidence.  After all, you have devoted a good part of your lifetime into giving your career your best and you still have plenty left to give. You have wisdom and knowledge that a young, entry level candidate does not have AND you have more years to have perfected your craft.   To avoid the “age discriminator” there are ways to somewhat mask your years when creating your LinkedIn profile and resume. There is no reason to include EVERY job you have had. Stick to the last 10-15 years. These are the relevant years for your job search. When you mention years of experience, instead of saying “40 years of experience in…,” say “over 15 years of  experience in…” You are being 100% honest and the information reflects what is important and not your age. Another suggestion is to eliminate your year of graduation when stating your education.   Your goal is to get face to face or over the phone with someone.  You are qualified and capable and an interview is your chance to show them! May your golden years be golden!