Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How Not to Annoy Your Recruiter During a Phone Interview

By Kristi Gregory, Staffing Consultant

As a recruiter, I talk to many people day in and day out, including people who may or may not be looking for employment.  If you have posted  your resume on a job board, or even if you have indicated on LinkedIn that you’re open to career opportunities, I (and many others) are going to assume that you are either looking for employment or are open to hearing about a new opportunity.  Having said that, here are a few tips (somewhat tongue in cheek) I recommend to people who fall into those categories.

  1.  Do not answer the phone if you’re unable to speak openly about a job opportunity at that time.  If you’re picking up your child or children from school, doing your grocery shopping, getting your hair done, have  your hands inside a chicken (yes, I’ve had someone who told me that), or using the restroom (yes, I’ve had this happen as well, numerous times), DO NOT ANSWER the phone.  Simply let the call go to your voice-mail and call back when it is a better time for you to talk
  2.  This piggybacks on #1, but thought it deserved a little more attention.  If you receive a call and you’re currently unemployed and/or sitting at home, watching TV, press the mute button before answering.  There is nothing more distracting than a TV that is blaring when you’re trying to talk to someone about a job opportunity.  If it’s distracting to me, I assume it’s distracting to you as well.  Same goes for a barking dog; put it outside or move to a different room, if possible.  There is no way you can hold a conversation with someone if that is in the background.  (I would say the same for a crying child, but, hey, I’m a mother, so I know that’s inevitable sometimes and there isn’t much you can do, depending on their age.)
  3.  Be interested to hear what I have to say to you, or at least pretend to be.  I’m here to help you achieve your dream of getting the best job possible.  I’m not a bill collector, so please don’t treat me as such.
  4.  Try to have a pen and paper handy by your phone, especially if you’re at home.  This shows that you’re prepared at all times to speak to someone who may be calling you about a job.  If you’re driving and unable to jot any information down, simply tell me and I will be happy to send you an email with the information you need.
  5.  A word of advice: do not have an outgoing message on your voice-mail that is suggestive or lewd in any way; do not have music playing during your outgoing message or have a ring tone that plays for me while I wait for you to answer your phone.  Also, if you currently have an email address that has the words “sexy”, “hot”, “big”, or anything that is super personal in nature other than your name, either change it or get a temporary one that you use for professional use only.  (I realize this does not fall under the phone etiquette category, but it has to be said.)
There are other examples, but I felt these were the most important ones to mention.  As recruiters, we truly want to help you find the best job for you, but you have to do your part as well.  Give us a chance and you never know what could happen!



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