Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Kid On The Block

Kim Roach, Staffing Consultant

After nailing your interviews and anxiously awaiting the outcome, you did it! You landed that dream job.  So, you got past the hard part, right? The “high” of getting the job wears off and your first day approaches.   Being the new kid on the block can be so uncomfortable.  So many thoughts go through your head, “What if I oversold myself?’ “What if I don’t live up to expectations?” What if, what if, what if?!! 
Rest assured, you were hired because you are qualified, capable and are a great cultural fit.  Here are some tips when you find yourself as The New Kid on the Block.

  1. Observe the company culture.  Take note of what people do for lunch.  Do they eat together and socialize or is everyone on their own? A good rule of thumb is to look to your boss for proper work attire and choose similar clothes. Observe how others communicate with one another and what hours they work.
  2.   Ask questions!  You don’t know until you ask. Most supervisors will find confirmation in their choice of hire when they see that their new employee is inquisitive and cares enough to ask. Whether it is something specific about the job itself or whether as simple as “Is it weird for me to bring my lunch and eat at my desk every day?”
  3.  Don’t jump in too quick with co-workers.  Listen more than you speak at first. Concentrate more on doing your job well and earning their respect. 
  4.  Don’t be afraid to ask your supervisor how you are doing. This does not show a lack of confidence but a true desire to do your job well and meet expectations.
  5. Remember: It is quite normal to feel inadequate at your job at first because EVERYTHING is new.  From locating IT to get your email set up to where is the bathroom? Awkward, awkward, awkward! 

 In a few short weeks, you will find a routine will start to set in and that New Kid on the Block feeling will slowly disappear.  Welcome to the neighborhood!

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