Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Social Media and Soccer Moms

I remember my younger sister telling me several years back about this new thing on-line I just had to do. “Facebook, what’s that?”  I was sucked in and soon all of my minivan-driving soccer mom friends were too. I simply viewed it as great social tool to connect with old friends, post family pictures, and share funny little anecdotes on my status.  As I found myself back in the professional world of recruiting, I started to think. I was a bit surprised by what people would post and thought twice about what I was posting. Whether it  (what I would think) was an inappropriate picture, off color comment or a link to, well,  whatever...I began to think about the first impression they were giving to a potential employer who came across their profile.  Now the world of social media (Twitter, Linked In, Blogging, etc…) has exploded and has become a popular and essential tool in the recruiting field.

 Professionals have all sorts of tips on the subject.  So I ask,  what kind of impression do you want to give on your profile?

Kim Roach, Staffing Consultant
Colvin Resources Group

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