Monday, June 4, 2012

Quick Tips: Interviews 101

Good afternoon! Today we present a quick and dirty little post about the most basic of interview behaviors/expectations. There are various opinions about do’s and don’ts when interviewing.  Even I, the recruiter, who is supposed to be “in the know” on the subject, have wavered on what I think.  However, at the end of the day, your interviewer will have an opinion that may differ from the experts.  I think most will agree on Kim’s top three: 
  •  Don’t be late. If you are taking planes, trains and automobiles, make it ON TIME! We often go as far as to suggest going to the interview site the day before so you know the lay of the land: parking, location, traffic, etc. Also, for goodness sake if you arrive to the interview location more than 20 minutes early, just chill in the car or at the Starbucks across the street. While we as interviewer's (should) know we are NOT the most important people, we do respect someone who respects us. We often have rather tight schedules and it can put undue pressure on us to fit you in when you arrive especially early. I know personally, I hate having a candidate wait longer than 5 minutes.
  • Be prepared.  Do your homework on the company and have questions ready. Be prepared to tell your interviewer why you are interested in THIS job and why you would be a great fit. Even beyond researching the company, make sure YOU are prepped. By that I mean get some good sleep, eat a full breakfast, get some exercise in to de-stress. The whole idea of an interview is that you want to present them with your best (and most accurate) self. If you are tired, hungry or simply just off your game you could end up losing out on a chance at an excellent opportunity.
  • Be yourself! The company will know what they are getting when they hire you.  Most likely you were brought in because they already know you are qualified. Take a deep breathe! Remind yourself that everyone is just another person. While they may be the decision makers, they are no better or worse than you are. This can be especially difficult for young, recent graduates however if executed well it can allow for you and the hiring company to determine goodness-of-fit. Culture fit is key for both sides! 
*Note: for more information on phone interviews, interview attire, and other tid-bits - please see our various other CRG Connection posts. We know there is something in there that everyone can learn from! 

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