Friday, August 31, 2012

What's the Deal with Generation Y?

I frequently read about the various generations in the workplace and don’t concern myself with it.  However, I realize in trying to reach some of my younger candidates that certain means of communication are more effective than others.  For example, a candidate in her early 20’s didn’t respond to email on a very timely basis, but calling her cell and not leaving a message resulted in an immediate callback.  I came upon this article with some interesting statistics about Generation Y that I think is worth sharing.

It does confirm one thing I know to be true, even if they like to come in late, you can always count on your Gen Y employee to help you with technology and social media!

-Carolyn Murray, Director of Business Development


It seems there’s always an analysis surfacing of generational differences and how they apply in the workplace.  But a new one from PayScale Inc. and Millennial Branding offers plenty of food for thought, as well as specific data. (Scroll down for PayScale’s infographic.) It scrutinizes Generation Y, a distinctive category that applies to people ages 18 to 29. Still, people in that category may have a beef with some of the conclusions. (Leave a comment about your take.)
Apparently, the Gen Y worker prefers broad flexibility and small employers, with the exception of big tech companies that offer plenty of perks and prize innovation. Despite being well educated, many are working jobs that wouldn’t necessarily require a college degree, thanks to the economy.....


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